ppl who don’t dress up for halloween bc it’s too childish are halloweak

i had a great study date with izzy and already i’m back to being pissed at people for being assholes.


Wip! the art block is strong in me these days

“This is The Department of Partially Deceased Affairs. You’re on our system as a primary care giver. Would you be interested in training to be a PDS Community Care Officer?”


You kept my room?

PAVONI Couture Fall/Winter 2013


I’m trying to speed up the time it takes for me to finish digitally, aka holding back on all those overlays :’D.

Death is only the beginning.

Ballet vs Circus


okay no, but seriously, bisexual steve rogers

  • steve rogers watching a romantic comedy and not being sure which of the romantic leads he’s more attracted to
  • steve rogers sticking up for a girl who is being harassed at a bar for making out with a girl even though she’s had a boyfriend in the past because no, she’s not doing it for attention
  • steve rogers being flattered by every single teenager who has a crush on him, regardless of gender
  • steve rogers reading all the literature that’s come out since he’s been in the ice about nonbinary/genderqueer issues and trying his best to educate himself and realising that he’s attracted to those people, too, and not beating himself up for it, because wow, more people to love! more lovely people!
  • steve rogers educating other people on the gender spectrum
  • steve rogers having the following conversation: “so you’re straight?” “no” “oh, you’re gay?” “…”
  • steve rogers giving up on being confused about his sexuality and just rolling with it and loving himself for it and being unapologetically wonderful
  • bisexual steve rogers

Stargate SG-1 → Sam Carter in Nightwalkers

Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable in both the schoolyard and the battlefield. x


Earth’s mightiest heroes